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"Braindance is electronic experimental music mostly, there are included drill n' bass, acid house, future lounge, electro and some other weird electronic music". That's what Urban Dictionary has to say about this genre. Obviously, electronic music evolved over the years, with many new styles, sounds and atmospheres coming in from pretty much everywhere, but I had no idea what Braindance exactly was. 

I know now.

Bunai Carus is a duo from Montpellier, France, currently living in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2013, they released a number of ep's on a variety of labels. With this new ep, they hope to make a mark on the electronic music industry and, quite frankly, they should. I'm enjoying the heck out of this album which combines IDM (intelligent dance music) with downtempo and ambient. Furthermore, they managed to give the whole a jazzy atmosphere.

The ep opens with 'Cage's Coma' which could be seen as either an intro or just a very decent ambient track, luring the listener into the strange world of Bunai Carus. Then, 'Storm Cellar' comes up with the weird percussion and soundscapes. They're a bit eerie and the whole has a certain jazz-feel to it. You know, as if Autechre would make record an album for ECM, that kind of stuff. 

Shortly after, 'Skelet-1' completely convinces me with its perfect mix of Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards Of Canada and Plaid. This is a brilliant track, as far as IDM is concerned, one of my current favorites. 'Pahoehoe' is another delightful ambient track, reminding me a bit of the works of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Pahoehoe is a form of lava flow in Hawaii with a smooth or surface. In that aspect, the title perfectly fits the song.

'Glowdrift' is a strange, nervous, mesmerizing and adventurous collection of soundscapes, clicks, beats, hi-hats, classical music samples and other curious sounds, an orgy of electronics, so to speak. Closer 'Tableau' sounds a bit like Olafur Arnalds on LSD. Don't ask me why, but you can bet your ass that I like it. This is a magnificent ep, that's for sure. So it's no wonder it come highly recommend to all fans of weird electronics out there, you know, the 'braindancers'."


​by Serge


Bunai Carus’s “Neend” explores soft surreal soundscapes. Dreamy imagery permeates the pieces as they expand to incorporate a plethora of stylistic choices. From classical to industrial to post-rock these many elements are woven together to create a sound that feels deeply intimate, even romantic at times. The way Bunai Carus treats the sound is one of affection as these are pieces that have been given a great deal of thought. As they evolve they do so organically rather than anything that would reference a traditional kind of structural approach.

Exemplifying their unique approach best is the collection opener, the resonant hues of “Cage’s Coma”. Layer upon layer of sound swirl majestically presenting an all-engrossing sound. The hush whispers in the beginning come to fruition with a Boards of Canada like tour into nostalgia. Upon this nostalgia melting away the strings that emerge feel lived in, worn, and tender. By far the highlight of the collection “Cage’s Coma” seems quite real, like a creature maturing. Snippets of sound scatter about on the tactile “Storm Cellar” whose surprisingly nature means that all is constantly in flux. Nimble in nature is the minimalism of “Skelet-1”. Downright mellow is the palette-cleansing “Pahoehoe”. Going from high to low energy is the elongated drones of “Glowdrift”. Serving as a sort of summary is the collection closer “Tableaux”. On this piece Bunai Carus settles into a lilting, light-filled groove.

With “Neend” Bunai Carus navigates itself through glorious seas of sound.




Bunai Carus est un duo. Un duo qui a accouché, depuis mai 2013, de 6 EPs sur différents labels. De 7 avec celui-ci, Neend, cette fois chez Mindwaves Music. Leur electronica est clairement influencée par Autechre et Aphex Twin, par Boards of Canada et Pole, à la fois mélancolique et cinématique, avec toujours une touche instrumentale, vestige de leur passé de musiciens analogiques. Leur electronica est faite pour illustrer un travail vidéo recherché, plutôt abstrait. Leur electronica est faite pour plaire à toute oreille sensible un peu mélancolique.


​by Temoin A.


Deutschland, or Germany if you prefer. Is this important? Not really, but the review I just did was of an artist residing in Germany, and this label is in Germany. The artists originally French, but moved to Belgium. Of any significance? NOT WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC! No matte who you are, or where you are from, music doesn’t care and it never will! So let’s remove all borders and allow this expanse to inspire and enlighten our minds!

I am writing this review as I listen to it. Cage’s Coma starts out very nice. Hints of Boards of Canada vibes come through which is nice. Then these strings come out of nowhere! Insanely cinematic, wonderful feelings come out as these tones wash over you. I can see where the experimental tag comes in for sure. This will be an event, an experience! So, seriously, make sure you have the time to really dig into this music

Storm Cellar darkens the mood. Nigh reminiscent of I guess older horror films but with some newer twists and then BAM. WTH IS THIS?!? This IDM drum beat comes in with this exquisite classical instrumentation. My goodness, seriously, it goes from frightening to genuine feelings of joy and well I am having a great time listening to this. It’s hitting all the right spots. I am not exactly a wordsmith, I prefer to feel, and as usual I say listen to it, but it hits chill, dark, uplifting tones in all sorts of ways while still being a cohesive piece. Rather impressive work.

Skelet-1 begins. Much more electronic infused. We’re going deep into whatever this is. (Haha, I’m also reading more in the artist description of their influences, and it makes sense! Heavily influenced by Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Autechre, etc. indeed! I definitely picked up on the BoC earlier without even knowing!) This is much sharper in terms of tones. Fat crisper bass notes, with some fun bellish chirps and some charming percussion. Then it progresses into a much more late night less broken vibe as some pads and longer notes are played out. Again, I can’t help but feel satisfied to my core with this.

I will say this, if I wasn’t just ready to lie back and let this wash over me, at this point in time, I may not have enjoyed it as much as I am. This is an excellent release, one which I will most definitely be adding to my collection for usage when I deem necessary. Anyways, back on track. Pahoehoe comes in on a more subdued feeling. The pace has been slowed. And suddenly the journey is over with Pahoehoe. I was too in the moment, but nice and relaxing the respite was!

Glowdrift comes in, with the pace returning up to previous levels a bit. The snares just piercing through! This is a wonderful percussion sequence throughout the track. I feel more inclined to pay attention to the hats and the other wonderful hits than even the instrumentation. I do not know if this was the intent but it was and is rather fun! Ethereal pads layered dare I say, underneath the drums. Haha, I love takes on music and songs like this! The timings are all over the place too, so you have to pay attention. Oh no, the drums fade! But then come in some keys, some wonderful wonderful keys. Our focus is shifted to the tonal instrument. What a switch. I feel this is more the glow to the drift, though maybe I got them backwards? Either way, interesting stuff. In the last few seconds we are teased with a much more complex drum pattern and crazier sounds. Leaves us too early I say…but it is what it is.

Tableaux is the final track. How did we get here so soon? Electronic brass type synth with some piano. A slight distorted roar comes through. I feel something building. Something feels like it is just around the corner waiting to come through and blow my mind. Oh my, it went much different than I thought. Birds chirping with some guitar, and now maybe some violin coming through? Then the electronic rumbling beast begins to stir again in the background. Oh my and then such wonderful strings. String instruments I feel can convey a ton of powerful emotion. This fades away, with a grainier sound coming through, abandoning the classical style and a smooth wave comes over. I must admit, I was thinking that it was going to turn into some crazy breakbeat annihilation track that would make even the warehouses in Detroit jealous BUT this is also very nice (also based off of how this album went, I mean I had no justification for thinking this but that’s where my mind went…-.-)! Artifical screams come through and add to this otherworldly floating as we continue down. Then it finally comes to a close.

It has been a while since I have thoroughly enjoyed something I have reviewed. This was an absolute pleasure and I must thank Bunai Carus for sending us the link! I had a great time, and I hope you will as well! Pick up your copy below!


​by Caffeinate

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