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"Bunai Carus are a duo from Montpellier in France, which automatically puts them in a favourable light because I vacationed there a few years back and had a great time. They make electronica influenced by acts I really like which is another positive; and, best of all, five EPs in, they are distancing themselves from their inspirations and finding their own voice. Admittedly, in places, Bunai Carus could still be mistaken for Plaid, but given their prolific output – their five releases have been in the space of nine months – it is probable that this too will be shaken off. Veil has a ring of confidence to it that transcends any influences, however, and the tracks combine melodic strength with rhythmic inventiveness in a very enjoyable manner. I think Bunai Carus will be a duo to keep an eye on in the coming months and if they keep this rate up, they will be on EP10 by Christmas."


March 23, 2014


"A good, sneaky combination of delicate ambient textures with sound art, IDM beats and noise, this unprepossessing EP kind of sneaks up on your mood. There’s a very creative combination of beats on “Lucid”, which has a busy rhythm track over some tranquil pad sounds. “Loca” enters the territory of glitchiness, a mood which pretty much sticks around for the rest of the recording. IF you like creative, innovative use of very busy beats, you will unquestionably want to check this out. IF you really don’t, you might want to avoid, because it might make your hair fall out. But for me, the beats on this EP create a nicely hypnotic mood when played at a low volume. Very professional stuff."


By MakeYourOwnTaste March 19, 2014


"La prime à la nouveauté et à l'exploration de nouvelles frontières est un des leitmotiv de la scène électronique. Le sui generis et la création d'un énième sous-genre deviennent une norme, pour le meilleur
et pour le pire. Loin de ce tumulte, certains artistes préfèrent jouer le rôle de continuateurs. Bunai Carus
est de ce genre. Avec un solide héritage à défendre, fait d'artistes comme Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Squarepusher ou encore Burial, le duo montpelliérain nous propose de faire vivre l'IDM, l'electronica et l'ambiant au travers de son dernier EP intitulé Veil. A l'heure où le scène a perdu pas mal de son aura, l'écoute de cet extended play permet de faire revivre les plus belles heures du mouvement, et ce au
travers de productions qui oscillent entre l'énergie propre à l'IDM et la douceur de l'ambient. Bref, une
belle découverte, qui se télécharge gratuitement ici."


By Bastien March 19, 2014


"French electronic duo Bunai Carus only first started making music together in early 2013, but during that short span of time, they’ve already managed to release several EPs. This fifth download-only EP on Brainstormlab ‘Veil’ sees the duo offering up five new tracks that lean towards darkly cinematic atmospheres, the sheeny ambient landscapes colliding with complex and occasionally harsh rhythms likely to be familiar to fans of n5MD and the Warp catalogue. While this is certainly well travelled terrain though, it’s the exquisite attention to detail and deft balancing of harsh and pretty elements that really sets ‘Veil’ apart.
After ‘Arousal’ opens things with a hazy swirl of cold ambient pads and glitchy digital scrapes that suggests a visual pan over some forlorn Arctic landscape, ‘Lucid’ seamlessly picks up the pace, sending treated orchestral drones stretching out against a mesh of stuttering, metallic sounding rhythms that calls to mind Clark’s similarly hyper-detailed programming, as swirling melodic pads build a sense of optimistic swell beneath the jarring beats. ‘Loka’ meanwhile offers a wistful wander through airy sounding synth pads and almost jazz-informed undertones underpinned by arrhythmic crunches almost reminiscent of the snapping of teeth, as elegant analogue synths take things out into Plaid-esque melodic prettiness, before the rattling ‘Aurorae’ takes things off into a hazy blur of mirage-like synth ambience and hyperspeed junglist rhythms. Great stuff that’s best taken in one complete dose from start right through to finish."


By Chris Downton March 17, 2014


"Fine detail| There has been a lot written about this Netlabel, so we will spare you more introduction.
Plus, it is not a secret that we love everything they do starting with their aesthetic line. Bunai Carus is a French electronic duo from Montpellier who has just released an EP called ‘Veil’. It’s 5 tracks show
intense emotions and electronic attention to detail, multi-layered with different elements reflecting the excellent production behind it. On “Veil” you can find a mixture of dark atmospheres and complex
rhythms built on glitches. It is simply an exquisite release."


February, 2014


"Como les había comentado en reseñas anteriores que iba a salir pronto lo nuevo de Bunai Carus, fue lanzado el día 21 de Febrero del corriente año, en la netlabel Brainstorm Lab. "Veil" se presenta con un diseño sonoro fantástico, paisajes abstractos y bases rítmicas complejas, crujientes, con una variedad
de micro-clicks, mostrando realmente que este dúo esta en los detalles. Cinco tracks para entrar en
este velo y salir de el con otro aire y mentalidad. Impecable."


By Triangular February 27, 2014

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